Laboratory 4.0


The Intelligent Laboratory of the Future


In the age of digitalisation and Industry 4.0, scientific labs are busily gearing up for the future. Laboratory 4.0 promotes autonomous robotic systems, automation, digitalisation with modular and flexible work environments.  

Focusing on the intelligent laboratory of the future, AST can help show how the next-generation laboratories will be able to think and communicate.  Optimising laboratory workflows, innovative laboratory equipment, robotic systems, automation and IT all require careful and planned consideration, areas in which AST can assist.  


Digital Adoption in Every Laboratory


It has been well documented that quality, accuracy and traceability improvements have been achieved in laboratories using digitalisation and automation.  Digitalisation improves planning, control, quality assurance, and with technology advancements, robotics and IoT, AST believe the time is right for digital adoption in every laboratory.

The time has come for everyone to think towards the intelligent laboratory of the future with careful planning of laboratory IT system, workflows and information technology.