Modular, Scalable & Intelligent


‘Hyve’ is a unique concept design in laboratory and life science autonomous robotic systems.  The award winning modular and scalable intelligent collaborative robot platform enables clients to design, develop, manage and deliver a solution meeting their initial requirements.  

‘Hyve’ can be changed, adapted and redeployed easily as requirements change due to its modular construction, consisting of a base system with plug in modules.  This is particularly favourable for those in an R&D environment where changing research demands necessitate a flexible research platform.

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Future Proof - AI & IOT


Moreover, the interface to the robot is configured with ease of use in mind. The interface is more akin to configuring an iPad rather than needing a qualified software professional to change the code.  The use of collaborative robotics makes the system more of a robotic scientist rather than a machine in a laboratory that needs operators with scientific esoteric knowledge to run.  

Additionally, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies future proofs the system to address changing market demands and expectations.

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Lower Costs, Increase Speed to Market


This approach allows AST to offer the first ‘off the shelf’ modular collaborative robotic system, reducing costs, improving reliability, quality to reduce time to market for our client’s products. Then when their client’s products change, the ‘Hyve’ is adapted and reutilised to meet to meet their new needs.

‘Hyve’ has the same availability as an off the shelf platform, with the same scalability of a larger integrated platform and the same level of flexibility/customisation of a bespoke solution. This is unique in the laboratory automation marketplace.


Designed to discover advancements in formulation chemistry and biotechnology. The future of robotics has arrived.